As a fake tan junkie, I am always intrigued when a new tan arrives on the market. Fake tan has come a long way and the colour has really improved. I always use fake tan as opposed to tanning in the sun as my family has a history with skin cancer, so I never want to take the risk. Plus I don’t want to damage my skin and speed up the aging process – because who does?


The days where we would once turn into an apricot after fake tanning are long over thanks to some amazing tanning companies. The Australian tanning brand Luxatan is one of them. I love supporting Australian brands especially when they are cruelty free and PETA approved. I am personally trying to buy only cruelty free products from now on. This can be a little difficult at times as a beauty writer, however a lot of companies are now going cruelty free which is amazing to see! Luxatan has a great range of products including an Express Bronzing Mousse, Medium Bronzing Mousse, Dark Bronzing Mousse and Application Mitt. I trialled Luxatan’s Medium Bronzing Mousse and Dark Bronzing Mousse.


Before continuing on with my Luxatan review, I wanted to share with you all my best fake tanning tips:

  1. Exfoliate

Honestly I nearly fall over when I hear people say they don’t exfoliate before fake tanning! Exfoliating takes off all the dead skin cells so that you have a smooth canvas to apply your tan. Not exfoliating before tanning causes it to turn all streaky and yucky (no one likes the tiger look). It also makes the tan last way longer as you are working with fresh skin cells that aren’t about to drop off – gross I know, but it’s true.

  1. Apply moisturiser to your hands, elbows, knees and feet

Tan always sticks to these areas as they are typically drier than the rest of your body, therefore they will turn out super dark if you don’t moisturise them. The moisturiser acts as a little barrier and prevents them from turning way too dark.

  1. Avoid harsh soaps in the shower for the time you are wearing your tan

Harsh soaps strip your tan and prevent it from lasting its full potential.

  1. Avoid heavily fragranced moisturisers

Heavily fragranced moisturisers that contain alcohol also strip your tan similarly to harsh soaps.

  1. If you are really worried about staining your sheets wear long sleeved pyjamas

In the past I have put towels down over my sheets to try and stop myself from getting fake tan all over them, except I would roll around in my sleep and mess up the towel placement. I have found the best way to stop tan from getting all over them is to just sleep in old long sleeved pyjamas. And yes, I do this in summer too but I make sure the fan is right in front of me the whole night.


So, how did the products stack up compared to the copious amount of fake tans I have tried in the past? I will break it all down.



First things first – packaging. Unless I find a product’s packaging appealing there is a very small chance I will use it. Luxatan’s bottles are a gorgeous girly pastel pink shade and based on the bottle alone I wanted to own the whole range as I thought they would look ever so pretty on my bathroom vanity.



The tan pumps out as a fluffy mousse and blends seamlessly into the skin. It was so easy to blend that I think even a tanning rookie would think application was a breeze. Both product colours didn’t turn streaky when I was rubbing them in unlike some fake tans, and my skin instantly looked smooth and even. The tans are more green based, so the tan turns your skin a super natural olive colour. I am normally not a fan of green based tans because I am so fair naturally and they just make my skin look a weird murky colour – no joke. However, Luxatan really nailed the colour and the products don’t turn my skin an unappealing green shade. Luxatan products have a light, sweet scent that is not overpowering and definitely doesn’t smell like fake tan.


Developed Colour

I always like to sleep in my tan so that it has a long time to develop. My fair skin needs to marinate in fake tan for as long as possible! This means that I leave my tan on for around 10 hours on average. I really liked how natural the Medium Bronzing Mousse made me look, but my absolute favourite product is the Dark Bronzing Mousse. No joke guys, this product is life changing for me. Even with several coats of other fake tans I have used in the past, I have never turned as dark as I would like. I heard that some tans just can’t develop properly on some people’s skin due to their pH, so perhaps this is why I generally don’t look ‘tanned’ with other products. This can be a little awkward at times when I tell people I am wearing fake tan and they laugh at me because I still look pale. There’s nothing wrong with fair skin, but I personally just feel more confident with a tan. I apply two coats of the Dark Bronzing Mousse and the next morning I look like I have been at the Bahamas for the past two weeks – it is that incredible. I received so many compliments from my friends saying they can’t get over how tanned I look! Although they know I wouldn’t have tanned naturally, they all said it didn’t look like I was wearing fake tan. One of my good friends has very fair skin like mine and she also doesn’t react to most fake tans on the market, so I have already got her onto purchasing the Luxatan Dark Bronzing Mousse.


Lasting Power

Luxatan lasts really well on me and I can get around nine days wear out of a tan. I do generally try and scrub it off after a week though because I wear a lot of ankle boots and they rub the tan off around my ankles.


Luxatan products, particularly the Dark Bronzing Mousse, have honestly become my favourite tanning products – and trust me, I have used a lot. I think that the colour of these tans is incredible and so natural looking. It is also great that other people have noticed and complimented me on how great the Luxatan products look! If you are interested in the Luxatan range, check it out at