Creating a flawless tan at home isn’t as hard or as daunting as you may think. Before I started fake tanning at home I thought it was too hard and I wouldn’t be able to do it but seriously guys it’s worth learning how to do it!

 Deal with hair removal first

That goes for waxing and shaving ideally you want to deal with the fuzz at least 24 hours before applying your tan. The less you have to deal with hair removal after you’ve applied your tan the longer lasting it will be.

Always exfoliate prior

This is something alot of people forget about but it’s the key to an even tan. Make sure to use a scrub that doesn’t have any added oils as well because this can also disrupt the application of your tan. Concentrate on the dry areas like elbows and knees. I always make sure to give my legs a really good exfoliate because they’re usually fairly dry as well. The cheap exfoliating gloves are amazing for the extra dry areas and also for when you want to remove your tan later on!

 Use a glove for application and do small sections

Most tanning companies will sell a glove for application but they really help evenly disturb the tan and also stop your hands from turning orange! I recommended working in small sections like forearm then upper arm and also only using leftovers on elbows, wrists and knees because those areas can go orange quite quickly.

A good quality tan makes all the difference

At the moment my favourite tan is Luxatan and it’s a dream to use. I think when it comes to tanning at home spending time finding a good tanning product can be tedious but I’ve found Luxatan really fantastic right from first application. I have been using the Express Bronzing Mousse because as you may now I prefer a faster developing tan because I personally find it a uncomfortable to sleep in tanning products. The other plus about the express tan is you’re able to customise your colour by the amount of time you leave the product on for – 1 hour for light, 2 hour for medium and 3 hour for dark. I like having that control. If that isn’t a worry for you and you just want a gorgeous dark tan they do a regular one as well. The colour you get is beautiful a natural, not looking orange at all, and I find it lasts about 7 days with moisturising regularly. Luxatan is PETA approved and also Australian owned so it’s a great brand to support. For more information check out the Luxatan website or their Instagram.